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Joseph M. Matalon

Joseph M. Matalon

ICD Group

Joseph M. Matalon, CD is the Chairman of First Angels Jamaica Limited and a Founding Member of FirstAngelsJA. He is the Chairman of ICD Group Limited, and its subsidiaries CGM Gallagher Group Limited and British Caribbean Insurance Company Limited. He is a director of West Indies Home Contractors Limited, WIHCON Properties Limited, Prime Asset Management Limited, Matalon Homes Limited, the US based International Youth Foundation (IYF) and Advantage Communications Inc., among others. He chairs the boards of the Development Bank of Jamaica and YUTE Limited and is Chairman of the Board of Governors of Hillel Academy in Kingston, Jamaica

JJ Geewax

JJ Geewax


JJ Geewax is an engineer at Google and a Founding Director of First Angels Jamaica Limited. He is a Founding Member of FirstAngelsJA.

Mrs. Melanie M. Subratie

Mrs. Melanie M. Subratie

Musson Group Limited

Mrs. Melanie M. Subratie is Vice Chairman of the Musson Group Limited, Chairman at Transactions E-Pins Ltd. and a Managing Director at Productive Business Solutions Ltd. She is on the Board of Directors at Seprod Ltd., General Accident Insurance Co. Jamaica Ltd., Facey Commodity Co. Ltd., and Eppley Ltd. Ms. Subratie was previously employed as a Principal by DeHavilland Information Services Plc and a Principal by Deloitte & Touche LLP UK. She received her undergraduate degree from the London School of Economics & Political Science.

Keith Duncan

Keith Duncan


Keith Duncan is a Founding Director of First Angels Jamaica Limited and a Founding Member of FirstAngelsJA. He is the Chairman of Jamaica Money Market Brokers Limited at (JMMB).

Wayne Sutherland

Wayne Sutherland

Jamaica Venture Fund

Wayne Sutherland is the Managing Director of the Jamaica Venture Fund.  He has been an Angel Investor since 2009 investing in entities in the ICT, manufacturing and financial services sectors.


Co-Founder & Manager, FirstAngelsJA



Sandra Glasgow

Sandra Glasgow

BizTactics Limited

 Sandra is the Founder & Managing Director of BizTactics Limited and a founding member of Jamaica’s first angel investor network, FirstAngelsJA.  She serves on several boards – she is an Independent Director of the NCB Financial Group Limited and the National Commercial Bank Jamaica Limited, chairing the Corporate Governance Committee and sitting on the Executive, Risk, Audit and HR and Compensation Committees. 

She is an independent Director of Stanley Motta Limited, Chairman of the National Crime Prevention Fund (Crime Stop Jamaica), Chairman of eMedia Interactive Group Limited and iCreate Limited, Director of Medical Disposables and Supplies Limited, Multicare Youth Foundation Limited, Hillel Academy, DRT Communications Limited, LoanCirrus Limited, and SiFi Studios Jamaica Limited. She is the Chairman and Trustee of the SMART Retirement Fund, Trustee of the NCB Pension Funds (1986 and 1999), Mentor to Medical Disposables and Supplies Limited, and a member of the Global Network Council, Eisenhower Fellowships, USA.

Her career over the past 40 years has centered on developing entrepreneurship and supporting growth-aspiring firms.  She founded the Technology Innovation Centre at the University of Technology, Jamaica and has played pivotal roles in developing the entrepreneurial ecosystem.

She earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in Applied Zoology and Applied Botany and a Master of Business Administration specializing in the Management of Technology, from the University of the West Indies, Mona. She is certified as a Trainer of Trainers in Corporate Governance Board Leadership by the International Finance Corporation (IFC) and a Trainer of Trainers in Business Ethics by the Inter-American Investment Corporation and the US Department of Commerce. She was Jamaica’s Eisenhower Fellow in 2000.

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Learn from the top thought leaders in the industry.

Case Study- DRT Communications Limited

Danielle Terrelonge Irons, founder and CEO of DRT Communications Limited, never set out to become an entrepreneur. She knew from an early age that she was called to be a leader, but in what capacity, she had no idea. In college, the world of business was the furthest thing from her mind initially, as she studied Psychology for two years at the University of Western Ontario. She returned to Jamaica in 2000 and completed her degree at the University of the West Indies, Mona, where she added Management Studies to her programme. She became entrenched in marketing soon after, and found that it was a natural fit and she excelled at it, moving from Marketing Communications Officer at Jamaica Money Market Brokers (JMMB) to Marketing Manager at Trade Winds Citrus in 2006. But even before she made the move to Trade Winds Citrus, the idea that she should start her own business had begun to take shape. She struggled with the call in her spirit. She had a full-time job that she loved, a child to care for and bills to pay; she just couldn’t figure out how to make that all work financially, so she ignored it. The nudge wouldn’t go away, and only became stronger. She began seeing gaps in the local public relations and marketing industry, as the demand for her freelance guidance in strategic marketing planning and PR development began to increase. What finally made her say yes, though, was a moment with her daughter, who was approaching her GSAT year: “We were reading the Bible one night and she pointed at a Roman numeral...

Case Study | Billodex Limited

It was two o’clock one April morning in 2013, and the University of the West Indies, Mona campus was quiet and cold. Lights shone from a few of the rooms on ELR Towers Hall as several students were up pulling all-nighters in preparation for upcoming exams. D’Andre Fraser, co-founder and CEO of Billodex Limited, was among them. In addition to a good grade in his business law course, he found that he needed a phone card, but none of the businesses on campus were open at that time, and he didn’t feel like going outside in the chilly night air anyway. So he turned to his friend Aundhrae Richardson and wondered out loud, “wouldn’t it be nice if we could just buy credit right from our phones whenever we wanted?” From Idea to Launch That was the genesis of the company and the app now known as Billodex, but the idea has evolved since it was first conceptualised. After giving it some serious thought, D’Andre and Aundhrae realised that the initial idea of selling phone cards from an app wasn’t as scalable as they would have wanted it to be, especially since they had designs on making it a global platform. They went back to the drawing board, and eventually came up with the idea to sell tickets, since they each had several years of event planning experience under their belts as well. “I’ve been doing events since I was 16,17. By virtue of that, I understand the needs of event promoters. It was therefore a natural segue into building a ticketing platform that would allow people to buy...

Case Study- Turner Innovations Limited

On Thursday night, May 25, 2017, the lawns of Devon House were abuzz with activity as restaurateurs, chefs, producers and foodies gathered to celebrate the crème de la crème of Jamaica’s food industry at the 19th annual Jamaica Observer Food Awards. Allison and Oral Turner, principals of Turner Innovations Limited—nominated in the Best Food Product category for their Turner’s Choice dried and candied sorrel products—were late to arrive as they had spent the majority of the day in the kitchen. They had been preparing dishes to offer as samples at their booth: sorrel-infused rice, sorrel muffins, and a peppery, sweet and tangy sorrel sauce over Copperwood smoked pork. On the way to the event, Allison fielded two frantic phone calls from the organisers asking where they were, which put her antennas up. Could it be…? Surely not, she thought, as Turner’s Choice is a baby in the industry, up against some well-known, long-established brands. But as soon as they arrived, they were practically spirited from the VIP car park to the side of the stage. Surely not, Allison thought again. And then their names were called as one of two winners in the Best Food Product category. “I just started to shake. I couldn’t believe it,” Allison recalled. “Just the endorsement alone, to know that Jamaicans will look at us as the best product—not just in St Elizabeth or Kingston, but Jamaica—it’s going to give us the boost that we are really looking for to promote our product, because we know it’s the best that’s out there right now.” The Turner Innovations Story Oral and Allison Turner have practically...

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