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What is FAJ?

FirstAngelsJA (FAJ) is a group of angel investors investing together and sharing resources.

What’s the short version?

In short, we’re a group of investors who might want to fund your business. Apply here!

What do you do?

FAJ facilitates the introduction of entrepreneurs to potential investors. Members of FAJ are interested in financing privately held companies or ventures typically in an early stage of development. FAJ is focused on potential investments in digital applications, digital media, the creative industries and other innovative businesses.


Work with a great team of investors.


We share our network with our portfolio companies.


Our fancy word for cash. This helps, but isn’t the most important.

Technical Help

Our team can advise you on your technical questions.

Business Development

Close deals fast by relying on our brand.


We take time out of our day to help you solve the complicated problems.

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.@seanasheppard it was wonderful having you as our guest presenter for the #MXPJAMAICA workshop! Thanks to Paul Hanworth @wineguyja for hosting members and investees at the welcome cocktail. Looking forward to continuing our work to build an #entrepreneur-friendly #ecosystem!

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