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We know how difficult it is to build a business in the Caribbean. Our goal is to make it simpler to raise angel capital. Our members make equity investments in growing companies and great ideas in Jamaica and the Caribbean.

Grow your business with Smart Money  from local investors. Learn more about who we are and what we do.

How do we add value ?


Work with a great team of investors.


Our fancy word for cash. This helps, but isn’t the most important.


We share our network with our portfolio companies.

Business Development

Close deals fast by relying on our brand.

Technical Help

Our team can advise you on your technical questions.


We take time out of our day to help you solve the complicated problems.

What’s in it for me?

Easier access to capital
Have you ever tried to find qualified investors for your project? It’s not easy. Now you only have to look in one place.
Lots of introductions
With the right investors on your team, getting introduced is a lot easier. You might even find yourself getting introductions you never even thought to ask for.
Consolidated resources
By forging relationships with suppliers, we’re able to get discounts on resources that our portfolio companies are most likely to need. This might be anything from legal consultations to web hosting.

Investment made

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Angel members recruited

Investment is about to get more  accessible, serious, helpful, accessible with FirstAngels JA.

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Case Study- DRT Communications Limited

Danielle Terrelonge Irons, founder and CEO of DRT Communications Limited, never set out to become an entrepreneur. She knew from an early age that she was called to be a leader, but in what capacity, she had no idea. In college, the world of business was the furthest thing from her mind initially, as she studied Psychology for two years at the University of Western Ontario. She returned to Jamaica in 2000 and completed her degree at the University of the West Indies, Mona, where she added Management Studies to her programme. She became entrenched in marketing soon after, and found that it was a natural fit and she excelled at it, moving from Marketing Communications Officer at Jamaica Money Market Brokers (JMMB) to Marketing Manager at Trade Winds Citrus in 2006. But even before she made the move to Trade Winds Citrus, the idea that she should start her own business had begun to take shape. She struggled with the call in her spirit. She had a full-time job that she loved, a child to care for and bills to pay; she just couldn’t figure out how to make that all work financially, so she ignored it. The nudge wouldn’t go away, and only became stronger. She began seeing gaps in the local public relations and marketing industry, as the demand for her freelance guidance in strategic marketing planning and PR development began to increase. What finally made her say yes, though, was a moment with her daughter, who was approaching her GSAT year: “We were reading the Bible one night and she pointed at a Roman numeral... read more

Case Study | Billodex Limited

It was two o’clock one April morning in 2013, and the University of the West Indies, Mona campus was quiet and cold. Lights shone from a few of the rooms on ELR Towers Hall as several students were up pulling all-nighters in preparation for upcoming exams. D’Andre Fraser, co-founder and CEO of Billodex Limited, was among them. In addition to a good grade in his business law course, he found that he needed a phone card, but none of the businesses on campus were open at that time, and he didn’t feel like going outside in the chilly night air anyway. So he turned to his friend Aundhrae Richardson and wondered out loud, “wouldn’t it be nice if we could just buy credit right from our phones whenever we wanted?” From Idea to Launch That was the genesis of the company and the app now known as Billodex, but the idea has evolved since it was first conceptualised. After giving it some serious thought, D’Andre and Aundhrae realised that the initial idea of selling phone cards from an app wasn’t as scalable as they would have wanted it to be, especially since they had designs on making it a global platform. They went back to the drawing board, and eventually came up with the idea to sell tickets, since they each had several years of event planning experience under their belts as well. “I’ve been doing events since I was 16,17. By virtue of that, I understand the needs of event promoters. It was therefore a natural segue into building a ticketing platform that would allow people to buy... read more

What are people saying ?

What I learned was invaluable. Going through the process reinforced the need to constantly think in a strategic way about my business, my processes and people. Getting help with governance was one of my key objectives. I sought funding, but I also looked beyond the money to the experience of the investors and their desire and ability to help me access markets across the Caribbean region.
Danielle Terrelonge Founder & CEODRT Communcations Limited

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Jamaica is now more connected with global investment markets with our CoFounder, Sandra Glasgow being appointed a Senator for Jamaica at the World Business Angels Investment Forum, providing a wide range of opportunities for Jamaica’s start-ups, scaleups & high growth businesses

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